High Efficiency Battery Chargers – Which One Should You Buy To Help?

High Efficiency Battery Chargers – Which One Should You Buy To Help?

If you're looking for a high-efficiency battery charger, there are several models on the market. You can choose from the Linear Technology LTC4088, the NOCO GENISU5, or the Linear Technology MP26075.

Here's a breakdown of the characteristics of these three battery chargers. You may be surprised to find out that all of these models have been rated as highly efficient. But which one should you purchase?

Linear Technology LTC4088

The Linear Technology LTC4088 high-efficiency buck mode switching regulator and linear battery charger is a powerful, energy-saving solution for portable applications.

The LTC4088 delivers an impressive ten percent improvement in battery charging efficiency while reducing heat production and charging time. This new charger is ideal for portable devices, high-power industrial equipment, and consumer electronics. Here's a closer look at its key features:

The LTC4088 high efficiency battery charger features a fully-featured USB power manager and synchronous switching input regulator.

It also incorporates an ideal diode and a 3.3V SUSPEND LDO for maximum efficiency. The LTC4088's switchable front-end topology enables it to easily optimize the power available from the USB port while easing thermal management problems for space-constrained media players.

The LTC4088 also allows the load current to exceed the USB port's specifications without overheating the device.


Battery Charger

The NOCO GENISU5 high efficiency, dual-voltage battery charger offers a wide variety of advantages. With an 86% efficiency rating, the GENIUS5 charger is the perfect tool for charging batteries up to 120 AH.

Its charging modes are suitable for a variety of battery types, including RV, automotive, and single deep cycle marine batteries. For batteries with BMS, the Genius 5 has a Lithium setting. The charger also supports lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The LED displays the charge status. If the battery is 50% or less, the LED will pulse on and off. If the battery is 75% or more, the LED turns solid green. If the battery is fully charged, the LED will be solid green.

If the LED is off or not illuminated, it indicates the battery is not fully charged. If the LED stays solid, the battery is fully charged. To change the charging mode, press the mode button.

The NOCO GENISU5 battery charger features five operating modes. The 12V Mode is suited for wet cell batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

The 12V Lithium mode is only for batteries with Battery Management Systems. The 6V Mode is designed for enhanced flooded batteries and is for older, low-voltage batteries. The 12V Repair Mode is suited for stratified batteries with less than one-volt voltage.

Linear Technology MP26075

The Linear Technology MP26075 high efficiency battery charger is designed for use in portable electronic devices. It can charge any type of rechargeable battery chemistry, including lithium-ion batteries. It features a low quiescent current and is compatible with all battery types.

Unlike other chargers, it does not require an external inductor, allowing it to function in a standalone fashion. Listed below are some of the benefits of using the Linear Technology MP26075 high efficiency battery charger.

This battery charger can detect the presence of a wall adapter and use it as an alternate power source. It can charge the battery and load at faster rates than USB specifications, ensuring that it can always keep charging a fully charged battery.

It also has a higher charging rate than USB specifications, which makes it a more versatile choice for portable electronics. Lastly, the MP26075 is able to charge multiple devices at the same time.

In addition to being more efficient than other battery chargers, Linear Technology MP26075 offers excellent thermal performance.

This design is suitable for high charge currents ranging from 2.5 to 4.5 A in modern smartphones. The example PCB circuit of an EVM and a three-level buck-charger is shown in Figure 3b. This charger is compatible with any type of smartphone. You can purchase it online.


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