Light Dimmer Switch – Easily Add Instant Mood Lighting and Ambiance to Any Room

Light Dimmer Switch – Easily Add Instant Mood Lighting and Ambiance to Any Room

There’s a way you can bring down your electric bill and at the same time add mood lighting and ambiance to any room – simply install a light dimmer switch!

With today's modern technology, a dimmer not only changes the amount of light (wattage) we use in rooms, it also helps create a meaningful ambiance.

A cozy ambiance not only brings down electric costs, but it also helps you calm down especially if you've had a long day. The light in a room affects your psychology either positively or negatively.

A pleasant ambiance will improve your mood. 

Ambient lighting should be different for every type of room.

Sticking a string of LED lights behind a wall hanging and using a light dimmer switch can create a different mood. Use the dimmer to adjust the brightness to either make the room look warm and inviting otherwise it could be bland.

Another role ambient light plays is the decorative one.

Since you are inviting a warm, comfortable and welcoming mood, you have to choose the right light dimmer for each room. The lighting should match the interior decor and the room’s functionality.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Light Dimmer Switch?

Light dimmers are devices made to connect to light fixtures. Their primary role is to lower brightness emanating from certain lights in a room.

Modern dimmers not only change the lamp’s voltage waveform, but they also go ahead and lower the light intensity output.

Light dimmers are manufactured to control light output in the following forms of lighting:

  • Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)
  • Incandescent
  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Resistive
  • Halogen

There are more intricate dimmers that control arc, mercury vapor, fluorescent, and solid-state lighting.

Light dimmers come in various sizes, ranging from small (button-like) units, domestic (pocket size) switches and high-power units that power architectural and theatrical light installations.

Domestic dimmers mostly use remote control systems. They are controlled directly, and some are connected to the Ethernet to dim automatically and remotely.

A lot of dimmers in the market are built from semiconductors. The high-efficient solid-state dimmers switch dissipate way less power hence why they dim lights within seconds.

How Do Light Dimmer Switches Work?

The switch adjusts the light brightness through a triode AC switch (TRIAC) that restricts the light flow thus decreasing lighting.

The TRIAC acts as a relay that acts fast reducing the energy flow from the switch to the light.

The TRIAC based dimmer switches are not compatible with LEDs but work wonders for incandescent light bulbs.

CL dimmer switches come in handy when controlling fluorescent and LED bulbs. The dimmer utilizes resistors that alter the power output thus reducing the light’s brightness.

Dimmer switches bring versatility in rooms and increase the mood, not forgetting the ambiance.

Why Use Light Dimmer Switches?

A lot  of advantages come with using dimmer switches, some of the most common include:

  • Bringing down energy uses thus reducing running costs
  • Adjusting the ambiance in a room to suit your mood or preferences
  • Prolonging your light bulb lifespan thus reducing replacement costs

Different Types of Light Dimmer Switches

Below is a list of dimmer switches that are available for purchase. Use this list to know which switch appeals to your preference.

Smart Dimmer Switch WiFi Compatible

  • The Smart Dimmer Switch controls LED lights and connect to your WiFi-network. You can also link it to Google Assistant, Alexa, and control it wirelessly.
  • The device doesn’t need a hub or bridge; you simple control the lighting through the Smart Life App on your phone/smart device.
  • The app pairs with Google Home Assistant or Alexa, and you can control it through voice command. It connects seamlessly to 2.4G WiFi(802.11b/g/n) only.
  • The smart dimmer controls CFL/LED lighting that is 150-watts and Incandescent lights up to 400-watts. The intelligent dimmer switch can be hooked up to a single-pole.
  • The dimmer is programmed to allow you to set automatic light schedules.

Lutron Diva Dimmer Switch

  • Lutron dimmer switch comes with over 250 lighting levels.
  • The levels create different ambiances for different moods such as; creating the perfect lighting for dinner, conversations over a glass of wine, late-night snacking, etc.
  • The dimmer switch works wonders for LED bulbs that are 150-watts and below, halogen and incandescent bulbs that are 600-watts and below.
  • The Lutron Diva switch fits perfectly on a single-pole or 3-way applications. It comes with a slider that dim/brighten lights to your preference.

Philips Hue 471960 60W

  • The Phillips Hue starter kit comes with four white and color ambiance hue bulbs together with the Hue Bridge.
  • Users get the white light shades and all colors to choose from so that they can have a personalized mood lighting experience.
  • The dimmer switch connects to WiFi, and you can use the Phillips Hue App on your smart device to control the lighting from anywhere.
  • It connects to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit for voice commands.
  • Sync the dimmer switch to your music or movies by linking it to your Samsung SmartThings or nests system and transform any room into a dance floor.

So Lets Get ‘Em!

Light dimming can do a lot and setting the right mood for a specific room can have amazing affects!

When going to bed, you can set a light sequence that is calm and soothing which can help you drift to sleep faster.

Wake up lighting can also be a sequence of dimmed lights that brighten up slowly to help you adjust to the daylight in peace.

We are sure you will be happier using light dimmer switches in your home. Having wonderful ambiances with lighting and at the same time saving some money on your electric bill, whats not to like?

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