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Which Batteries Go With Solar Panels?

Which Batteries Go With Solar Panels

The benefits of solar energy are numerous, with each advantage being more impressive than the other.

While having the most effective solar panel system is naturally on your mind, you are going to find that there are a lot of different ways in which to achieve your end goal.

The length of life for your soar panel batteries is part of that essential step, when you should be researching the different types of solar panel batteries that are available.

When it comes to finding the right batteries for your solar power system, there are several important things to remember:

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Will These Batteries Work With My Solar Panels?

When shopping around for batteries, you need to keep the following items in mind:

  • Capacity/power rating: This refers to the complete amount of electricity that the solar battery is capable of storing. This will be measured in kilowatt-hours, which is also known as kWh. The power of the battery is also important. This will be measured in kilowatts.
  • Depth of discharges: Due to the chemical compositions of batteries used in solar power, understand that most solar batteries have to maintain at least some charge at any given time. Your depth of discharge will tell you how much of the capacity of the battery has been utilized.
  • Round-trip efficiency: This is a key deciding factor. It is the amount of energy being used against the amount of energy that was used to store things. The higher your round-trip efficiency, the more economical your battery is going to be.
  • Warranty information: Your battery life is obviously important. At the same time, you also need to be aware of what your warranty has to say. In the event that something goes wrong, it certainly makes sense to want to know your options. A good warranty can go a long way towards protecting an investment as significant as your solar panels.
  • Manufacturer information: Obviously, you want to make sure you are getting what you need from the manufacturer. You want a company with a flawless reputation for products, quality, customer service, and other points of interest.

As long as you can keep those things in mind, you shouldn’t have any trouble. It can also be extremely useful to learn about the different types of batteries that are currently being used in solar panels throughout the United States and beyond.

Now, let’s discuss the different types of solar panel batteries that are currently in use:

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Batteries Used With Solar Panels

Used in both solar electric and backup power systems, here are the types of batteries you will come across in your research:

  • Lead acid: Using an electrolyte of diluted sulfuric acids, lead-acid batteries have become hugely popular in solar electric systems around the world. An industrial-level battery can last for up to 20 years with minor care. A standard deep-cycle battery can last up to five years. Other batteries can last as long as seven to twelve years.
  • Lithium: The high discharge/recharge rates are one of the reasons why lithium batteries are so popular among consumers. They also benefit from having very long life cycles, which can be beneficial to anyone working with a really tight budget.
  • Nicad: Also known as nickel cadmium, this is a powerful option. At the same time, they offer low efficiencies, while also being incredibly expensive. You are also going to find that these batteries are very difficult to get rid of, as well. The nonstandard voltages and charging curves also means it isn’t really going to work with any system you come across.
  • Nife: Also known as nickel iron, this is another option with a good deal of power behind it. Nonetheless, there are also some significant downsides. Their efficiency is incredible low, and they consume a good deal of resources. At that point, the benefits of solar power can be largely cancelled out by all of the challenges presented with these batteries. They can even reduce the efficiency of your solar system by as much as twenty-five percent!

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Why Should You Know All This?

It goes without saying that you want your batteries to last for as long as possible. With the options above, you should be able to find something that will give you the exact results you are looking for.

When you have a powerful, efficient battery at the core of your system, you have a solar system that is going to last for years to come.

The more attention you pay to the battery, the more likely it is that you are going to get exactly what you want. If you truly want to explore the world of solar panel for your home or place of business, batteries are where you will probably start.

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