Goldi Solar to Double Manufacturing Capacity

The manufacturing capacity of Goldi Solar is set to double to 2.5 GW. The company currently manufactures around 500 MW of solar panels. Its expansion plan is in two phases. Commercial production of one GW is expected to start by the end of Q4 FY21-22. Afterwards, the company plans to add another 1 GW per year. The company hopes to be ready to produce 2.5 GW of solar cells by 2022.


Goldi Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar modules. Its modules are manufactured using high-quality crystalline silicon cells. These modules are encased in low-iron and UV-stable glass. The modules are also made with a premium quality back sheet that protects the modules from various environmental conditions. The back sheet is a laminate framed with an anodized aluminum profile. The back sheet has multiple holes for ease of installation. The modules are equipped with bypass diodes to prevent shading.

The first M10 HELOC modules manufactured by Goldi Solar will go on sale in November. The modules have a power output of 560Wp and 21.7% efficiency. The company plans to produce bigger modules with larger wafer sizes starting next year. Goldi Solar is currently producing 500 MW of modules and plans to expand this capacity to two GW through a government-backed scheme. The company believes there is a large market for all module manufacturers.

All Goldi solar modules have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet stringent quality standards. They have been certified for PID resistance and have passed rigorous quality tests. Additionally, the factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and the facility is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. Customers can rest assured that they will get the best product. Goldi Solar is committed to giving its customers the best experience possible. There are no inferior products.

In order to increase its production capacity, Goldi Solar has begun building a new facility on the outskirts of Surat. This new facility will have a production capacity of 2,500 MW by FY22. Goldi Solar is the fourth Indian manufacturer listed in this tier. The company's growth plans come amid growing global demand for solar modules that meet stringent requirements. If you're in the market for solar modules, Goldi Solar should be at the top of your list.

Production line

Gujarat-based Goldi Solar has announced plans to expand its production capacity to 2.5 GW at its new manufacturing facility. The additional capacity will increase the company's module capacity to 2.5 GW per annum. At the moment, Goldi produces 500 MW of solar modules per year. However, the company hopes to expand its capacity to 2.5 GW over the next few years. Ultimately, this expansion will allow the company to serve the growing demand for solar energy across the world.

The company plans to establish a multi-gigawatt solar cell manufacturing line to meet the increasing demand in India. Solar manufacturing capacity in the country is rated at 10,000 MW, but only 50 percent of this capacity is utilized. Many developers are choosing to import cheaper equipment from China. While the tariff is a major concern for the solar industry in India, Goldi is confident in its ability to meet the growing demand for solar energy.

Goldi Solar is a global manufacturer of solar panels and EPC service providers. Their HELOC Pro module series is available in mono-facial and bifacial varieties. These modules feature the latest M10 wafer size and 560Wp of power. They are suitable for utility-scale, industrial, and rooftop applications. Goldi solar has a dedicated manufacturing line in Gujarat. In the future, it expects to have a total manufacturing capacity of 2.5 GW.

The company's expansion plans are ambitious: it aims to reach five gigawatts of solar module capacity by 2022. The firm has ambitious plans to reach 5 GW, as global demand for solar panels continues to grow. Furthermore, it hopes to set up a multi-gigawatt solar cell manufacturing line to produce the raw material for solar modules. The expansion will add another 2,000 MW to its production capacity, bringing the total installed capacity to 2,500 MW.

Manufacturing capacity

A Mumbai-based global manufacturer of solar panels has announced plans to expand its manufacturing capacity to 2.5 gigawatts (GW). The company's current production capacity is 500 megawatts, and it plans to double that in the next few years. The company has said it plans to expand its production capacity in two phases, starting from Q2 of the 2021-22 financial year to Q4 of FY22. The expansion of the manufacturing capacity will be financed by the government's PLI scheme, which will provide a tax incentive of four percent for manufacturers of solar modules.

The expansion of the manufacturing facility at Goldi Solar's Gujarat facility is expected to create a new manufacturing capacity of 500 MW. Goldi plans to increase this capacity in two phases, starting with the Phase I expansion in Q2/FY22, and the Phase II expansion in Q4/FY22. The expansion will include new technologies, including micro-gap module technology. Additionally, the facility will implement M10 wafer size, multi-busbar technology, and PERC solar cell technology.

The Goldi Solar team includes a team of professionals with a diverse range of skills. The leadership team includes Jayesh Alpesh, a graduate of Grenoble University, France. He has a background in finance and has undertaken various social projects and sustainability initiatives. He oversees the company's operations and spearheads expansion efforts. Jayesh has a profound understanding of the industry and a proven track record of building and strengthening relationships with clients. As a result, the leadership of this team has led to an increase in revenues, margins, and customer satisfaction.

International presence

Established in 2011, Goldi Solar is India's leading solar panel manufacturer, EPC provider, and independent power producer. Headquartered in Surat, Gujarat, the MNC caters to global brands across 20+ countries. The company has exported its products to the UAE and USA. It has been endorsed by Bloomberg New Energy Finance and DNV as “Bankable Tier 1”.

Goldi has made significant inroads in the EPC market, bringing value-based services and record-time project completions to the table. Its new tagline, ‘Renewed Life,' intends to infuse a new life into all departments and pave the way for complete corporatisation. The company plans to double its sales and invest $1 billion in India by 2015.

Dharmesh leads the Company's global operations in a variety of ways. He ensures seamless supply of materials and equipment. He minimizes cash flow impact through supply chain management. Jayesh has built significant leadership roles within the company and is committed to building a worldwide presence for Goldi Solar. The company's global business is bolstered by Dharmesh's expertise in finance and operations.

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