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Should you use an electric or hybrid vehicle? Which is The Best 1?

power efficiency - Are you really helping save the planet using an electric or hybrid vehicle

Should you use an electric or hybrid vehicle?

Today, we are more concerned about the environment than ever before. Climate change is a large factor and many people are trying to do what they can to take care of the environment.

One way people are looking after the environment is by switching their gas-powered vehicles to electric or hybrid vehicle.

The main question that people want to know is if these vehicles are actually good for the environment and saving the planet.

About electric or hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle runs on a combination of both electricity and gasoline.

An electric car, on the other hand, runs on just electric power through batteries – it's important to understand that distinction between the two.

A hybrid vehicle allows you to still use gasoline, but at the same time take advantage of electric power. An electric vehicle on the other hand just uses electric power and has no gasoline engine whatsoever.

Emissions from Gas Engines

Gas engines cause a lot of emissions. When a gas vehicle is running there is exhaust created from the fuel and this causes pollution in the atmosphere. To help reduce these emissions companies are creating more electric or hybrid vehicle cars that run on a combination of fuel or electricity. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both these types of vehicles which we will address.

Electric vehicles


  • Runs on Electricity

When you buy a pure electric vehicle you no longer have to use gasoline. This means that you're going to save a lot of money because you never have to buy gasoline again. An electric vehicle is powered through its batteries and there's no need for any fuel, oil, or other fuels. By driving an electric vehicle you reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

  • Less Maintenance

A gasoline-powered vehicle usually requires a lot of maintenance. Electric vehicles tend to have less maintenance because they don't need periodic oil changes and other associated repairs that gas vehicles require. When you buy an electric vehicle, you're simply going to have fewer headaches with it.

  • Rebates

Many governments are offering rebates for people that buy electric vehicles. You may be able to trade in your existing a gas-powered vehicle and get a significant amount of money that you can put as a payment towards an electric vehicle.


  • Expensive

One of the main drawbacks to electric vehicles is they still simply cost a lot more than a traditional gas-powered vehicle. While you are saving money on gasoline, you still have the added expense of simply purchasing the electric vehicle. For many individuals, the electric vehicle is simply out of their price range and they have to rely on gas-powered vehicles.

  • Less Range

Another problem with electric vehicles is they simply have less range when compared to a gas-powered vehicle. When you have a gas-powered vehicle you can go on extended trips because there are fuel stations along the way where you can fill up. With an electrically powered vehicle, there are not as many places to recharge your vehicle because the infrastructure simply isn't in place.

electric or hybrid vehicle

Hybrid Vehicle

A hybrid vehicle runs on both gasoline as well as electricity. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages to using a hybrid vehicle.


  • Still Uses Gasoline

What are the pros with a hybrid vehicle is it still uses gasoline in addition to electric power. You can rely on both the benefits of electric power and gasoline when you drive a hybrid vehicle.

  • Less Pollution

Since a hybrid vehicle uses electric power, it produces fewer emissions and pollution when you compare it to a vehicle that runs on straight gasoline. Hybrid vehicles are usually a step up until you can afford a purely electric vehicle.

  • Fewer Gas Purchases

A hybrid vehicle runs on both gasoline and electric power it uses less gas when compared to traditional gas-powered vehicle. You'll save money on gasoline purchases when you drive a hybrid vehicle.

  • Longer Range

The hybrid vehicle has longer range when you compare it to a pure electric vehicle. don't rely on gasoline you can still rely on gasoline to get you to where you want to go if you have a hybrid vehicle. The engine in a hybrid vehicle is also more efficient, lighter, and smaller when compared to gas-powered vehicles.


  • It Still Burns Gasoline

A hybrid vehicle still Burns gasoline so you are still putting emissions into the environment when you drive a hybrid vehicle. These emissions are less when compared to a gas-powered vehicle but they are still causing a pollution.

  • Costs More

A hybrid vehicle still cost a lot more when you compare it to a traditional gas-powered vehicle. You will have to shell out a significant amount of money to purchase a hybrid vehicle and for many people, this is simply not practical.

  • Fuel Problems

You may end up spending more money on fuel and burning more fuel on extended trips. If your vehicle runs out of the range of its electric power and you have no access to a charging station, you may end up using more fuel than you want. Check this out if you are looking to Save at the tank

  • Charging

When you own a hybrid vehicle you still have to charge the electric motor. This can be problematic because there are still are not a lot of charging stations around for electric and hybrid vehicles.

  • Less Performance

Hybrid vehicles tend to have less performance when you compare it to gas-powered vehicle. A hybrid vehicle is usually built for economic purposes and not based on performance. A hybrid vehicle might not accelerate as quickly when you compare it to a gas-powered vehicle.

power efficiency - Are you really helping save the planet using an electric or hybrid vehicle 3

Summary of electric or hybrid vehicle

Both electric or hybrid vehiclepowered vehicles are better for the environment when compared to gas-powered vehicles. They do have some advantages and disadvantages that you must keep in mind before you purchase one. In general, the electric vehicle is far better for the environment than the hybrid vehicle. The hybrid vehicle does have fewer emissions than a regular gas-powered vehicle but it's still not as good for the environment as a standard electric vehicle.


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