9 Simple Ways How You Can Be Power Efficient

9 Simple Ways How You Can Be Power Efficient

Have you ever considered doing what you can to lower your energy footprint? It's not just good for your conscience – it can save you a lot of money as well!

  1. Get into the habit of not wasting electricity.

Common electrical wastage includes: Leaving lights on in empty rooms, boiling a kettle full of water even though you're only making one hot drink, and leaving home computers on while you're away without a good reason.

Switching off your items at the power point also gives a small decrease in Power Efficient usage when compared to simply turning them off, so don't be afraid to turn items off at the electrical outlet as well.

If the item has a built-in power switch (e.g. a home computer or entertainment console), it's best to make sure they've powered down first so you don't accidentally damage them.

Before you decide to turn on a temperature-changing device (such as a fan or a heater), consider changing your outfit – adding or shedding layers is a free and simple fix.

  1. Make sure you're not getting any drafts in your home.

This might seem ridiculous at first glance, but the more drafts you have, the less effective your heating will be. Sure, you could just turn the heater up, but that's going to use more power.

Just wait until you get a particularly windy day, and then check your windows and doors. Keep an ear out, too – you might even be able to hear the draft before can feel it.

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  1. Use solar panels.

Solar panels work by collecting sunlight and converting it to electricity. You can use this electricity immediately or have it stored for later to help with power efficient.

Many solar panels owners use a mixture of solar electricity and vendor-bought electricity for a realistic mix of convenience and saving money and/or power efficient.

Solar panels are no longer prohibitively expensive, so there's no excuse to not at least consider them. If you don't believe us, check it out for yourself here.

  1. Change the way you wash your clothes.

Wash your clothes with cold water when you can, because it'll cost less when you do. Use the shortest washing cycle you can, and don't start it until your washing machine is full.

Don't use your clothes dryer every time you wash your clothes – save it for when the weather will make it impossible for your clothes to dry within a reasonable amount of time.

Simple Ways How You Can Be Power Efficient

  1. Change the way you wash your dishes.

Dishwashers are very convenient, but they're not very good for saving power. They do, however, make an excellent space-saving rack for dishes.

If you can stop thinking of your dishwasher as an everyday-use item, you'll save yourself a lot of money.

If you must use it, then make sure that it's full first, and use the economy cycle if it has one.

  1. Let your curtains save you money and electricity.

If you have an air conditioning unit that sees a lot of use in the summer, you're probably used to having your curtains open during the day.

If you can break this habit, you'll notice that keeping them closed will allow your house to remain fairly cool – often cool enough that you don't even need to use your AC in that way to help power efficient.

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  1. Change the way you cook.

A lot of things on this list can be worked around, but eating food isn't one of them. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce electricity usage in the kitchen.

For example Electric ovens use a lot more power than microwave ovens, so using microwave ovens as much as possible can be a good way to start saving on power usage.

Electric stove tops also use a lot of power but aren't so easily avoidable. Keep your lids on the pots whenever you can, to speed up the cooking time.

If you can, a great idea is to cook more food and eat leftovers for the next few meals. If that doesn't appeal to you, how about the idea of keeping the leftovers in the freezer and using them for a meal a little later on in the week, or even month?

  1. Get your home insulated.

Insulation can be done in your floor, walls, and ceilings. It's a good way to save electricity all throughout the year because it'll keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

The best thing about insulation is that you just need to have it installed in your home, and that's the end of it. You don't have to remember to switch things off or teach yourself any new habits to save money.

  1. Make sure your hot water system is up to date.

If your hot water system is a decade old or more, you probably shouldn't even be using it (for safety reasons).

If you've built onto your home and didn't upgrade your water heater, then your hot water system may be overworked as well, which means it probably won't be as efficient as it should.

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